Bootiful: Create a custom boot animation with Android 10 and 11

Bootiful: Create a custom boot animation with Android 10 and 11

With every Android version comes a new boot animation and a familiar one disappears. But maybe you want to have your own boot animation, something that not everyone has yet. This is where Bootiful comes in. With Bootiful you can choose from a large library of boot animations, the one that suits you and install it with a single click.

With older Android versions, you could add your own boot animations to the system without much effort. Unfortunately, this is no longer so easy with Android 10 or 11.

Requirements for Bootiful

The prerequisite for using Bootiful is a rooted device with Magisk.

What is Magisk?

With Magisk, custom mods can be used in the system. Google services cannot be used on conventional rooted devices, but this is still possible with Magisk. Magisk works by modifying the boot partition, the system partition remains untouched.

You can find instructions on how to install Magisk here: How to Install Magisk

Select and download boot animation

After downloading and installing Bootiful from Google Playstore, you can already start using the app.

The app consists of two area.

Animation library:

In the library you can view all available animations. The assortment is constantly being expanded.

Animation preview:

When you have chosen an animation, you can click on it and get a preview. You can use the download button to make the animation available in your system for integration via Magisk.

Wenn du dir eine Animation ausgesucht hast, kannst du diese anklicken und erhältst eine Vorschau. Mithilfe des Download-Buttons kannst du die Animation in deinem System für die Einbindung über Magisk bereitstellen.

Install boot animation with Magisk

Once you have finished downloading the animation, you will see the location on your device. In the next step, open Magisk and select „Install from memory“ under Modules.

In the next step the provided ZIP has to be selected. The installation of the boot animation is fully automatic. You will see the boot animation at the next device restart.